Calcium deficiency shows itself in various ways and can still be found quite frequently among small children. It prevents them from developing properly and makes them prone to catching frequent colds. If the mother wants an inexpensive, natural and good calcium preparation, she can make one up herself by doing the following. Pick some young fresh nettles, which can be found in most places, maybe right by the house or in the garden. Next, take some egg shells, which are on hand in practically every kitchen. People who live by the sea might like to use oyster shells instead. Crush the shells together with the fresh nettles and leave to dry in the air. Once pulverised, a light green powder will result. The child should take half a teaspoon of this 2-3 times daily. After a few months the teeth will improve and, in time, will become noticeably stronger. The bones will benefit also, and the susceptibility to colds and catarrh will diminish. If preparing this powder is too much of a bother, simply use Urticalcin, a ready-made calcium product containing stinging nettles.

If, in addition, the child has a deficiency of vitamin D, then you have the basic cause of rickets. Although serious cases of rickets, resulting in underdeveloped or deformed bones, are now extremely rare, less severe forms of rickets are still seen even today. It may seem strange, but children suffering from this mild form of rickets are usually very lively, react to everything quickly and their facial expression is almost too intelligent for their age. They tend to be precocious and always remind me of an apple that has grown ripe too soon. On closer examination the apple proves to be worm-eaten, and that is actually why it has ripened prematurely.

Such children who lack both calcium and vitamin D need help and can be helped. Homoeopathic or biochemical calcium triturations are excellent for this purpose, for example Calcarea phos. 6x, Calcarea fluor. 12x (for the teeth) and Silica 12x. The calcium preparation Urticalcin contains several calcium salts in various potencies, as triturations, as well as Urtica (as a vitamin D carrier), and is therefore also an efficacious remedy. Orange juice and cod-liver oil are rich in vitamin D and are highly recommended. Furthermore, carrot juice or the concentrate Biocarottin, which is made from fresh carrot juice, is another natural remedy for overcoming calcium deficiency.


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