It is advisable to back up the treatment by means of natural remedies, such as Gelsemium 6x and Urticalcin, calcium always being valuable in such cases. Nux vomica 4x is helpful in counteracting nausea. All these remedies contribute to improvement. As for the diet, fruit juices are indicated so as not to overburden the digestive organs. What is more, never lose sight of the necessity to rid the body of toxins, not only through heavy sweating, but also through the bowels and kidneys. Since this treatment has proved to be reliable and effective in practice, it should be tried first.

Polio epidemics occur periodically and regionally, although less so today than formerly. Hot and sultry weather seems to encourage the development of the virus, for the incidence of the disease is greater in summer than in winter. In tropical countries it continues all year round. Research specialists have found that a number of people, particularly children, although immune to the disease themselves, nevertheless are carriers of the polio virus. Among primitive peoples very few cases of polio are found and this would lead to the conclusion that the advantages and disadvantages of our civilisation are responsible for our predisposition to this disease and undermine our resistance to it. Our food and life-style, living in overheated houses, and so forth, no doubt play their part in our susceptibility.

So how can we protect ourselves from this dreadful affliction? In the same way that we should protect ourselves from all infectious diseases. The main requirement is a natural way of life. Healthy exercise is also important – and we should not become ‘soft’. Plenty of fresh air, light and sunshine should be our ‘companions’ whenever possible. Since it is now thought with reasonable certainty that the polio virus attacks by way of the nose and mouth, do not neglect to paint your children’s throats with Molkosan when a threat of polio occurs in your locality. By doing so we can thus protect our children from infectious diseases and build up their resistance. However, should the infection have already taken place, remember the keynote to successful treatment: detoxify and eliminate – profuse sweating and elimination through the bowels and kidneys. This will help to avert the worst.


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