The body as a whole, including the capillary system, can be adversely affected and harmed by an incorrect diet and life-style. Foods that produce too much uric acid, such as meat and eggs -instead of vegetables and fruit – cause a degeneration and dilation of the capillaries to a degree that capillary photography can detect it. When magnified, dilated capillaries have the appearance of small varicose veins. Excessive alcohol consumption has the same harmful effect. Chemicals absorbed from medicines and nicotine alter and damage the capillaries and impair their function of nourishing of the cells, thus disturbing the entire metabolic process. Of what good is our marvellously equipped body if we disregard its working order and eat the wrong food, as well as follow an unnatural way of life, with insufficient exercise and deep-breathing? ‘ Defects of the capillary system cause degeneration, slackening and aging of the muscle and nerve cells due largely to their not receiving sufficient nourishment in time. It is important to know about this when we are young, so that we can guard our health carefully. If we fail to realise it until we are old, it will be of little worth by then, and we will be like the person who wasted all his fortune in his youth. In his old age he lived in poverty while contemplating, with pain and nostalgic sorrow, the bygone luxury of his youth. We can compare youth to the seven fat years in Egypt referred to in the Bible. We should act wisely, just as Joseph did, storing up good health to be able to, figuratively speaking, live off the ‘savings’ during the ‘lean’ years of advanced age. By adopting a healthy, natural way of life, from our youth onwards, we also show the greatest care for our blood vessels.


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