For a chronic middle ear infection with pus the following directions will help give the patient relief. Place an onion poultice behind the affected ear, but if relief is not forthcoming, change to a mustard poultice. If even this does not produce the desired result, you will have to resort to the Baunscheidt method (see page 439). It is always important that the inflammation, especially in chronic cases, is drawn away from the head by some form of stimulation therapy, so that the focus of infection is drawn from the inside to the surface. Inflammation in the ears, eyes and nose can be diverted to the neck or shoulders. Internal remedies are Belladonna 4x, five drops every two hours, and Ferrum phos. 6x, two tablets also every two hours. The patient takes one of these remedies every hour, say Belladonna first, an hour later Ferr. phos., then back to Belladonna again. For as long as the ear continues to discharge and suppurate, Hepar sulph. 4x is effective. When there is no more pus, Silicea 12x is indicated to stabilise the improvement. Follow up with one drop of St John’s wort oil and one drop of Plantago (ribwort juice) once daily into the ear. When the ear infection is accompanied by nasal catarrh and pharyngitis, which is most likely due to the germs spreading, use Cinnabaris 4x and Plantago. You can also put five drops of Plantago on cotton wool and place this in the ear, replacing it every day.

This treatment will heal even a chronic inflammation so that the hearing will return to normal. On the other hand, if the described treatment is not strictly followed, the patient’s sense of hearing will be endangered. The auditory nerve together with the intricate structures of the inner ear can be permanently damaged by bacterial toxins; the infection can actually cause erosion of the ossicles of the middle ear. When this happens, no treatment will restore the hearing apparatus. So never lose time in starting an intensive natural treatment as soon as problems with the ear begin to manifest themselves. Take into account the patient’s general state of health and adopt a natural diet. This will help nature to heal and regenerate.


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