This malignant disease of the lymph nodes, also known as Hodg-kin’s disease, afflicts more men than women. As early as 1832, the English doctor Thomas Hodgkin described it in detail, but to this day its origin is unknown. Since the disease begins with a high temperature, some doctors believe that it is an infectious disease. However, as yet, no virus responsible for it has been identified. Other physicians consider it a type of cancer and treat it with radiotherapy (with X-rays and cobalt rays). As a rule, the success of this kind of therapy is of short duration. In cases where only a few nodes are affected by the disease their removal is recommended, until a better method can be found to deal with it effectively. On the other hand, a complete changeover to a natural wholefood diet consisting of plenty of raw vegetables, soft white cheese (quark) and horseradish, as well as brown rice, has proved beneficial. Hodgkin’s disease is often accompanied by anaemia. This condition can be counteracted by drinking daily one tenth of a litre (100 ml; about ÇÓ2 fl. oz) of both carrot and beetroot juices and, in addition, an infusion of nettles, flowering oat plants and alfalfa. Petasites preparations taken with Galeopsis often give good results too.


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