At the onset of a flu virus we should carefully consider four main aspects for successful treatment.

In the first place we must make use of a physical therapy through which we can assist the body to excrete bacterial toxins. At the same time, we must watch the condition of the heart during sweating cures. With this in mind, we can then proceed to induce sweating through the application of compresses, wet packs or a steam bath.

In addition to the compresses, it is also beneficial to apply cold compresses to the calves. The patient will then be more comfortable and able to sleep.

If the illness is affecting the heart, give the heart tonic Cardi-aforce, or fruit juice sweetened with honey. Or simply serve herbal tea or just water sweetened with honey. Pure grape sugar (condensed grape juice) also has an immediate effect in strengthening weak heart muscles.

The body should be frequently washed with an infusion of thyme or juniper needles, even if the patient may perspire only moderately.

For a severe bout of flu, the patient should take Podophyllum 4x, Chelidonium 4x (celandine) and Taraxacum (dandelion), since these remedies are good for the liver. And as already stated, the patient should drink raw carrot juice for the liver, and apply cabbage leaf poultices to the liver region during the night.

If it happens to be a head or nerve flu, Avena sativa and Acid, phos. 4x, in addition to a biological calcium preparation, are indicated; in severe cases also Fiebrisan and Echinaforce. The simultaneous application of crushed cabbage leaves on the nape of the neck has an excellent effect.

Oral hygiene must be observed in all infectious diseases, including influenza. The patient must clean his teeth regularly and remove any coating on the tongue with a toothbrush. Gargling with Molko-san backs up the healing process greatly.

Patients with common influenza will benefit from Influaforce, a homoeopathic flu remedy (see below).

All infectious diseases make the lungs work overtime in order to burn up toxins, so the sick room should be aired frequently. Provided that the patient is well covered, a pleasantly cool room is better than an overheated one.


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