Whatever the case, calcification is a sign of ageing which appears as a result of a disturbance in the general metabolism and an unhealthy diet, primarily one containing too much protein. But by no means can we hold the calcium in food or a biological preparation responsible for the pathological process of calcification. The bones of the skeleton contain reserves of calcium that would be quite sufficient to calcify all our blood vessels, yet in practice, such a contingency never arises.

As far as possible, naturopathy treats arteriosclerosis with remedies that restore some elasticity to the vessels. The blood pressure will thereby drop, for it previously had to rise because of constriction, with the lack of elasticity of the vessels compelling the heart to generate greater pressure to keep the circulation going. Of course, for arteriosclerosis we do not prescribe any medicines containing calcium. What we do indicate are arnica and Crataegus, as well as Viscum album, garlic perles, Arterioforce capsules and bear’s garlic tonic. These remedies have an excellent effect. At the same time care should be taken to minimise the salt and protein intake. One of the best foods for preventing hardening of the arteries, or helping to reduce an existing condition, is brown rice. For this reason, anyone with arteriosclerosis should eat brown rice several times a week; it can be served morning, noon or evening and prepared in various appetising ways. The blood pressure will then fall, because a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, together with plenty of brown rice, will gradually halt the disease and improve the condition.


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