Take the appropriate medicinal herbs. But I must point out that pregnant women should not wait until shortly before childbirth to take the herbs. They should begin to take them months ahead of time in order to improve the condition of the blood and exert a positive influence on the entire vascular system. An excellent remedy is Hamamelis, an extract from witch hazel, a shrub known to the North American Indians as a ‘miracle plant’. As early as the Middle Ages women realised that embolism and thrombosis could be prevented by taking arnica, yarrow, St John’s wort and Pulsatilla. More than thirty years ago I began to use these herbs as a basis for a well-known fresh plant preparation, Hyperisan, that has since proved helpful to thousands of women in many countries around the globe. Many women have told me that serious complications at the time of delivery were prevented because they had been taking this herbal complex during their pregnancy. Much to their surprise, delivery was easy and without subsequent complications, which had not been the case for them before, when they had not been taking the preparation. A qualified midwife once wrote me an enthusiastic letter about a perfect delivery, which, according to her, could only be attributed to the fact that the mother had been taking the preparation. As a midwife of many years’ experience, her observation and assessment can hardly be questioned. In addition to Hyperisan, it is recommended to take Urticalcin, because biological calcium is good for the vascular system. Another good supportive remedy, called Aesculus hipp., a fresh plant extract from horse chestnuts, should not be overlooked


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