If you try to be conscientious in living according to these seven rules, you will definitely increase your life span and help yourself to avoid many health problems in your advanced years. For example, hardening of the arteries will not incapacitate you, neither will coronary thrombosis, and you will have no need to fear a sudden end through a heart attack. It is simple to obey nature, and doing so will reward us in turn with good health and long life.

Women especially suffer from swollen veins, which often occur after surgery or just after childbirth. Generally, the blocking of venous blood vessels happens sometime between the third and the eighth day following surgery or delivery. In such cases a physician will usually give anticoagulant and vasodilator injections. However, more appropriate and helpful than this medical intervention is the following prophylactic treatment, which is to be recommended to all those who show a congenital or acquired tendency to embolism and thrombosis, and in particular to people with varicose veins.

First of all, take proper care of the bowels, because intestinal disorders such as insufficient bowel movement or the retention of a faecal matter causes the blood, and hence the whole body, to become affected by metabolic toxins. Going on a juice diet for one day a week usually helps to improve regularity. The question of diet or nutrition for the rest of the week is no less important; only natural, unadulterated, unrefined foods will contribute to the eventual correction of irregular bowel movements.


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