Asthma is sometimes a consequence of uncontrolled hay fever – and can also respond quite well to bioflavonoids, says Leibovitz. ‘In fact, the standard treatment for asthma, a drug called cromolyn sodium, is nothing more than a synthetic bioflavonoid like molecule.’

And, as with hay fever, vitamin Ñ is a tremendous boon to asthmatics. In one study, asthmatics who took 1,000 milligrams [one gram] of vitamin Ñ a day had less than one-fourth as many asthma attacks as those receiving an inactive, fake pill. When they stopped taking vitamin C, however, they once again suffered the same number of asthma episodes as the untreated people (Tropical and Geographical Medicine).

Some exciting new research shows that magnesium may also help ease breathing difficulties of asthma. Zack H. Haddad, professor of allergy and immunology at the University of Southern California School of Medicine, evaluated thirty children with allergic asthma. Twenty of the children were then supplemented with a half-liter to a liter a day of magnesium-rich mineral water (such as Aviant). The other ten children continued as usual, with no extra source of magnesium. After three months, the blood levels of magnesium rose in the children who drank the magnesium-rich water, and they could breathe more freely {Annals of Allergy).


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